R. B. Leake -Life & Legacy

The Leake family, headed by Robert Buck Leake, were pioneers in what would become the Kellerberin wheat and sheep country. They made the region, decades before Australia became a nation, able to establish itself as a going concern.

A Peek Into Life & Legacy 

The biography of a pioneer in the wheat belt of Western Australia. Robert Buck Leake, born Yorkshire in 1837, he sailed to Australia as a young man, ultimately settling in Kellerberrin on a property named Mooranoppin. He and his wife Jane had three daughters and four sons. When he died at age 87, there were 12 grandchildren. Eventually, that number would be 18. This book celebrates the challenges and heritage of someone who dared to come to a fledgling country to begin a new life.

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Patrick Cornish 

Joanne West Cornish 




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